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This is what we stand and strive for as a web development team
Young, Educated and Ready to Sieze the Day

Each member of the Prismatic Team is highly educated in not only the development of websites, but in building professional relationships with each of our clients. We all feel that the physical relationship between us at Prismatic and our clients is as equally important as the professionalism and quality of the product we provide.

With each member of our top tier web development team, we specialize in the unique and creative. Allowing our product to not only have top tier quality, but a level of individuality that no other business could provide; such as our involvement with an up and coming business even after our website is created, via advertisement, social media expidition, consistant web maintenance and business growth in itself. This is merely the Prismatic Way.


This is the one and only Prismatic Team. Each member of the team is uniquely skilled in targeted portions of web development, allowing our skills to overlap one another in a way the truly brings out the top quality in every website we develop.

Brendyn Burns

The Founder of Prismatic Design and the primary leader in all web development; educated in various programming languages including HTML and CSS, with a large background in business development and ownership.

Sanjay Jenkins

Business Director
Business entrepreneur to the core. Sanjay resides as the Business Director of the team, being highly educated in the creation and development of a business, and web develop ment itself. Leaving Sanjay as the true strongarm behind Prismatic Design.

Dylan Hedge

Art Director
The true heart and soul behind our designs. Dylan holds his placement as the Art Director of Prismatic because of his raw connectivity to the unique and creative, leaving him as an invauable member of the Prismatic Team.


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